About Us

Hello there!

I am happy to announce the formal incorporation of ReliaFarm LLC.

CropFrostAlert (CFA) will be our first product! What is CropFrostAlert? CFA is a system of networked radios with attached sensor modules. Initially, we are offering high efficiency temperature and humidity sensors, which the farmer or manager can monitor through an iOS or Android app. You, the farmer, get alerts when temperature drops below the temperature that you configure in the app. The advantage of CFA over other solutions is that our pricing per sensor is much lower than alternative systems, and is not dependent on cellular or WiFi internet access. This allows you to deploy these sensors into extremely specific locations (for example, you can put a sensor in the lowest spot in your orchard, and add other sensors on the edges or anywhere else you want them). You’ll be more aware and up-to date than ever!

While the supply chain is a challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking orders. Rest assured, we will continue adding more features to our app to provide the best value from our sensor network possible. Contact us today!

Check back regularly as we’ll try to provide updates and information about what we are doing!

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